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Have you stopped to think about how technology and branding can help your business? In today’s world, businesses tend to thrive using creative designs and digital tech. If your business is yet to harness the full power of technology then you are likely to get outmatched by your competitors who leverage IT solutions.

Artanata is an IT company that proffers tech and creative solutions to a handful of industries and businesses. Our services are geared towards giving you automated control of your business. Asides from the IT solutions we proffer, we also offer creative branded services. Our creative services ensure that your business gets the right recognition as well as branding.


What We Can Do ?

In other words, we are a full-service IT company poised at meeting your IT and branding needs. So, if you’re looking to fully automate your business, we’ve got the right solutions for you. At Artanata, we offer


Awesome Services

At Artanata, we offer a range of IT and Branding services that are poised at meeting the IT and branding needs of your business. Our services are divided into two broad parts – IT Solutions and Creative Works. Looking to see if we are a fit? Why don’t you take a look at our services have a good feel of how we can assist your business?

Why choose us ?



We`ve been there, done that. Having worked with several companies we have been able to get familiar and adapt to different types of client’s requirements. We also do have a blend of youthfulness and experience to bring out the productivity of our team.



We have our teams fully ready to make the necessary research was needed to make the success of your companies as easy as you imagined.


Easy Integration

Our IT solutions and services are easy to integrate no matter how small or big your company is; we would easily integrate the required solution without any hitch.



We are ready to make the changes were needed to make your services and products as easily accessible to your users as possible.


We are a 21st-century company having our roots in several areas ranging from the digital media to technology; and as part of our mission to always use our creative works and IT in delivering technology solutions for the benefit of mankind and life in general, we have been able to impact many divisions and parastatals of different government and private companies and start-ups.

It is no news that countries are not only trying to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest innovations, but it is not only that. They are also looking to keep the ones that are currently in use at a very efficient and effective use.

In the government parastatals, the use of IT solutions and digital media is unlimited and can never be overemphasized. For example, when certain political campaigns need to kickstart, a proper advertising campaign, as well as the usage of visual contents, is a key tool to steer them to success; and we do that effectively.

Consequently, these advertisements and contents need to be coupled with the right tool; Social media. They require us to help in putting it into full effect the combination of top-notch content and a social media campaign.

It is noteworthy that a sizeable percentage of our clients are those with start-ups and SMEs, they are always in need of the blend of our creative works and Technology solutions. Some of them need a very user-friendly website where they can be able to either sell their products and services to their customers or just have a platform where their users and potential customers can find them and reach out to them on the web. They also use our software development services to get their mobile applications for their end-users.

For those not in need of web or software-related solutions, then their company is tilted more in the direction of creative media. These companies are constantly in search of getting better branding coupled with the fact that they also need a very good advertising campaign to get their name targeted to the right audience. They make use of Social media campaign to not only put their names online but to also build the right network to help grow their business.

Another percentage of our clients are private companies such as those in the finance or management field, they also usually make use of our IT solutions and Creative Works in helping to bring out the very best performance from their staff; which in turn produces the desired outcome for the company in general.

The relevance of our solution to these companies is not only limited to ease the burden of their staff but to also fulfil their promises to their end-user in solving their problems, providing better ways of performing their day-to-day activities and helping them overcome any objections.


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Jont kook

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DAvid Jame

CEO lacinia faucibus risus

" Sollicitudin nunc in eros a justo facilisis rutrum. Aenean id ullamcorper libero. Vestibulum imperdiet nibh tortor mauris condimentum nibh"


Maria helen

CEO lacinia faucibus risus

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Thanks for building Crown & for your support. Nice work @crownframework team!


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